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ARE YOU READY to take the e-book plunge? Yay for you! But where to start … The only thing that stays the same in e-publishing is that it seems to change every dang day. So. Auntie Kit’s going to help out with ways to get started.

First, (and it should be )obvious, but apparently it needs repeating) Rule #1: Write A Good Book.

The new cover of Book 2, (sequel to Hard Scoop) featuring Tahoe the Wonder Dog...

The new cover of Book 2, (sequel to Hard Scoop) featuring Tahoe the Wonder Dog…

Yeah, I know. Writing is in fact like making sausage–it’s hard, nobody wants to actually do the work, but everyone wants the end result.

The second  is, get a good editor. The major *dings* on e-publishing is poor writing, bad grammar and the misuse of Spell Check. We’re professionals. Act like it.

The third piece of Big Advice, is to talk to folks who are successful. Did you read an e-book that you adored and smoked the e-book sales chart? Contact the author. Luckily, I’m buds with Katie Graykowski, who pointed me to Anessa Books.

That’s how I found my most important contact–Meredith Bond at Anessa Books. Merry not only format, but if you can’t (or shouldn’t) create your own cover, she does a fabulous job.

unnamedHere’s the thing–yes, it is a thrill to walk into a Barnes & Noble and see your book on the shelf, but for me, it’s an even bigger thrill to get a nice check deposited to your account.

I’ve made more in six months e-pubbing than I ever made traditional publishing. That may not be true for other writers, but it’s certainly true for me. And since I’ve been grinding the indie route, only one thing stays the same: The industry changes. Nearly every day.

Get Started

Clean Copy

Usually a referral is best; ask successful authors in your genre who they recommend. Otherwise, here are a few options:

Professional Product

Sales, Marketing, and Promotion

You Need Reviews

Tools for Creating Enhanced, Multimedia, or Full-Color E-Books

Major E-Book Retailers

Note: for reviews and insight into all of these retailers and more, read the reviews at The Independent Publishing Magazine by Mick Rooney

  • Amazon. Sells 60-80% of all e-books, more for some authors and titles.
  • Apple iBookstore. Widely considered the No. 2 ebook retailer in U.S.
  • Barnes & Noble Nook Press. Considered No. 3 e-book retailer in U.S.
  • Kobo. Gaining ground, international presence. Important for the Canadian market.

Major E-Book Distributors & Services

Note: for reviews and insight into all of these retailers and more, read the reviews at The Independent Publishing Magazine by Mick Rooney

  • Smashwords. The largest ebook distributor of self-published titles
  • Draft2Digital. Similar to Smashwords, but smaller and more customer-service focused
  • BookBaby. You pay for a publishing package upfront (which includes ebook formatting), then you receive 100% of net sales.
  • eBookPartnership. Compare with the services above and see which fits your needs best.

To Find Freelance Help

Authors Who Blog About E-Book Publishing

News & Trends About E-Book Publishing

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