My Friend Friday: Going Underground with Brit Lit Author Suzie Tullett

I’M A CUSTARDY coward at the core, and I hate motorcycles, and can’t even bare the thought of skinning my knees on a bicycle, but after reading the madcap, wind,

Brit Lit Babe and Author Suzie Tullett

whipping your hair hijinks of Suzie Tullett’s Going Underground, Chap has drained my PayPal account because I’ve been muttering in my sleep about vintage Vespas . . .


Now, meet that Fab Brit Lit Babe, Suzie Tullett!~

LAST WEEK, THE  lovely Emily McKay talked about having to balance deadlines with keeping her children entertained during the holidays.  Alas, I don’t have that problem anymore on account of both my sons having now left home.  Although that’s not to say having grown up children isn’t without its problems and concerns… children turning into young adults just brings on a whole set of other things to worry about.

Like when they pass their driving test.  Now there are images of almighty crashes on the motorway to contend with and as mothers, despite knowing our own children are going to drive to the highest safety standards possible, there are all those other maniacs on the road to consider.  And consider them we do!

My youngest was the first to leave home – at 16 can you believe?  Far too tender an age in my book, although regardless of my motherly fears once he’d decide

d to join the Forces there was no stopping him; then again it didn’t help him having his dad on his side.

I cried for three weeks solid when he went – anything would set me off.  From the Andrex puppies on the TV ads to seeing a woman pushing a pram, the tears would flow; anyone would think I was having a nervous breakdown or something.  Then, watching his younger brother make his own way in the world, the oldest decided it was time he moved out too.  And foregoing the semi-independence on offer by way of a

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caravan in the garage, within 6 months it seemed I had a completely empty nest.  Oh yes, the tears began their outpour once more and to say it was messy is an understatement!

Five years on, you’d think I’d be used to it.  You’d think the concerns about them not looking after themselves properly, getting in with the wrong crowd or them suddenly developing a taste for drugs would’ve waned, but they haven’t.  I mean without me there to guide them on a full time basis, how can they?  And to make matters worse, the youngest only goes off to Afghanistan, leaving me panicking about bombs and goodness know what else!  Whilst on the opposite end of the worry spectrum, the oldest takes himself off to Macau – the Las Vegas of the Eastern World, where’s there’s gambling galore and ladies of the night!

All I can say is, thank goodness for Facebook…  And what my children call stalking, I call keeping abreast.


I’m a full time comedy/contemporary/chicklit writer, lucky enough to live between the UK and Greece. And when I’m not tapping away on the computer creating my own literary masterpiece, I usually have my head in someone else’s.

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Three men on two scooters, travelling down the country to Brighton… Three women and a heavily pregnant belly in hot pursuit – all squashed into a classic, Union Jack roofed mini… with an off duty Police Officer bringing up the rear… and with musically themed chapters, it even has its own soundtrack!

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8 Responses to My Friend Friday: Going Underground with Brit Lit Author Suzie Tullett

  1. Thanks for having me as your Friday Friend, Kit. Hope your readers enjoy the post x

  2. Jackie says:

    Suzie – you don’t look old enough to have kids who are old enough to be out of the house.

    I used to live in Bermuda where most people road scooters. Although Vespas are not as popular there (most people drive Hondas), there’s just something about a Vespa!

    Adding this to my to-read list!

  3. Jackie, you are my friend for life!

    I think Vespas and Lambrettas conjure up a sense of nostalgia – at least they do for me. Although my other half is the scooter rider, give me at least two doors and a roof with my wheels anytime, lol.

    Enjoy the read once it reaches the top of your pile and thank you for taking the time to comment x

  4. Paulita says:

    I agree that you look much too young to have grown up children. When my nephew went into the Navy, my SIL was a wreck. She called, texted and Skyped him constantly, and he wasn’t even her favorite!! My brother finally bought her a little yappy dog that needs constant attention. She has shifted her concern to the dog. Great story, Suzie.

  5. Funnily enough, Paulita, I now have a little dog – something I think my kids ‘hoped’ would divert my attention!

    I must admit, it came as a bit of a surprise to read you SIL has a favourite, lol and also that she was able to phone, txt and skype. As far as British troops are concerned they can call out, we can’t call in… they’re not allowed their PCs or mobiles out there – communication is really restricted.

    Unless Benjamin is really the one doing the restricting… mmm, maybe I need to be having a word, lol x

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