Hold onto your chaw, Rick Perry’s gonna be on Dancing with the Stars . . .

SO, FORMER GOVERNOR Rick Perry is going on Dancing with

Well isn't that special?

Well isn’t that special?

the Stars? Really? That’s how you follow up 14 years as the honcho of the biggest state in the Lower 48 and two failed presidential nominee bids? What do you bet they put him in overalls and have him get his hoe down on?

And will they make him take off those silly Google glasses?

I can see it now–chawin’ on a piece of chewin’ straw and with a gun (let’s hope it’s a prop).
Perry will join the 23rd season of the ABC show, along with rapper Vanilla Ice (is he really still a *thing*?) and our favorite other Texan who doesn’t tell the truth,┬áRyan Lochte.

I don’t get the whole DWTS thing, though my Mama loves it. My issue (or one of them, anyway) is that these *reality* shows got started during the writer’s strike, and producers needed something–anything–to fill those time spots.

um. no.

um. no.

Good, quality writing, like The Closer and the first season of Black List, and happily, Game of Thrones seem to be in shorter supply these days, which is fine.

My To Be Read pile is getting out of control, and I’ve got writing to do . . .



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