Crap on a cat’s tail: Boy’s will be boys

THIS MORNING I heard a terrible racket over the river–like someone trying to start a prehistoric chainsaw (if there was such a thing) and I told Chap, “Listen! It’s one of the herons and it’s in trouble.”

He said, “No, it’s some sort of machine. Somebody’s trying to start yard equipment”

herons fighting 1As usual, I was right.

herons fightingI went down with the dogs and broke it up, and both birds flew away–though one of them took a little longer to get in the air

mama and daddy craneI think he got a little too close the nest of the tri-colored heron nesting in our tree



Later, the seagulls showed up for dinner




and brought some Canadians along. One of the Canadians crapped on the cat’s tail, and I told Marlowe he was going to get a bath . . . IMG_1484so he ran into “his” paper bag . . .

IMG_1490and he looked so cute, I settled for wiping him down with a baby wipe.

Tomorrow–a bath.





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2 Responses to Crap on a cat’s tail: Boy’s will be boys

  1. Leslie P. Garcia says:

    You rock. Or your life does. But I do enjoy your posts, either way!