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The Holiday Armadillo strikes again. And this time he broke my nose . . .

NO YOUR EYES do not deceive you. The Holiday Armadillo broke my nose. And blacked my eye. And cracked a rib. We were out at the ranch for Thanksgiving, and everything was hunky dory. We left Tues. evening with Bodhi … Continue reading

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Back to reality . . . more or less

This time of year is always tough for me–yeah, I know, everything’s not dead it’s just sleeping after a spring and summer of tremendous bursts of energy. What helps? Kind words. A good facial–oh hell, it would take a face … Continue reading

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Romance, Erotica, Mystery-there's an app for that . . .

There is a saying I once heard: “Once you change the method of distribution, the product has to change.” This itself is a take on the idea that distribution defines the product. You see this around you every day in … Continue reading

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