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The weaker sex & the power of knowledge

FRIDAY I FOUND out I have to have a biopsy on what folks in these parts call my “Lady Parts.” I wasn’t surprised about the difference in the Change what you can? Even if you’re in dire danger of tipping into … Continue reading

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13 Tips for a Kick Butt NaNoWriMo

NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH is barreling down on writers across America–that month where take pen in hand, keyboard to task and press our collective noses to the digital grindstone, where head pounding increases, and the amount of chocolate and or alcohol consumed … Continue reading

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The only thing scaring Chap this year is The Princess's costume . . .

FOR THE PAST two weeks, The Princess has been practically foaming at the  mouth when she gets home, wondering if the mail has come, if I was sure I checked, and did her dad ever get the mail? While her entreaties did send off a … Continue reading

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Dead books, lunch and a date to the morgue . . .

Cauley’s not quite ready for the holidays, but she’s getting close . . . I HAVE ALWAYS believed that all things happen for a reason, and I’m trying to remind myself of that daily. The car crash and all the … Continue reading

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Barbie hits the big Five-Oh, and the rest of us are fighting it–hard

I’m trying desperately to finish Cauley Christmas and making pretty good progress, but since what will be forever known as the Giant Mac Disaster of 2011, I’m having to rewrite every damn thing, and trying to organize a blog tour. … Continue reading

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Signs of Autumn: Bobcat, wild turkeys and someone else's dog

AUTUMN IS FALLING full force, and all creatures great and small are traveling now that highs are in the upper 80s, down from triple digits all summer long. This weekend we went to fix one of the back gates, and … Continue reading

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Two bad dogs and one very nice rancher

Two weeks ago, Chap’s dog, Sam, answered the call of the wild, and led my dog, Bodhi, down the Yellow Brick Road to who knows where. Bodhi came back immediately. Sam did not. I explained to Chap that I had … Continue reading

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