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So Kit turned her attention to other works of fiction. "My mother was a police woman, my grandmother was a 'medicine woman' and my great, great grandmother could shoot the beak off a chicken. So I turned to what my family knows best - murder, mayhem and more malevolent men than you can shake a stick at."

Kit says the idea for Scoop, her first mystery novel, came to her while she was chatting with an agent at William Morris Agency. "The agent said she loved my writing style but she said she could do without the guy and the baby in the story," Kit says. "She asked if I could get rid of the baby and the guy, and I said, 'Well, no, but I could write another book.' And I went home that night and wrote the first sixty pages of the novel. It was amazing. I knew I was on the right track because the protagonist, Cauley MacKinnon, a spunky, down-on-her-luck obituary writer, came to me whole and ready to tell me her story. It was just one of those gifts from above, I think."

Since then, Kit's adventures in mystery writing have led her down some unexpected and fascinating paths.

"Since I began the mystery series, I've been really lucky to get access to police officers, FBI agents and Search and Rescue personnel, who've been generous with their time and knowledge," says Kit. Since she began her research, several officers and one FBI agent encouraged her to continue her studies, and she has since become a member of the Citizen's Police Academy and is certified in Search and Rescue.

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