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Finding her own way wasn't easy. After a brief attempt to follow her mother's fabulous career in the military by joining the United States Air Force (these outfits only come in green?) she set out in search of other ways to fulfill both her patriotic duty and her quirky sense of adventure. "My mother was the first female Chief Master Sergeant in United States Air Force reserves, and that was going to be a tough act to follow," Kit says.

Journalism seemed the best course of action. "As a journalist, I'm able to draw attention to stories that might otherwise go unnoticed, and I've written the gamut, from investigative reporting on pollution to the F4 Pedernales tornado that destroyed homes and left lives in ruins," Kit says.

"Then again, I've also written about discount caskets and more breast enhancements and Botox than I care to recall." While writing for the newspaper was rewarding, the stories Kit grew up listening to kept rattling around, and she began writing fiction at a very early age. "I wanted to get back to fiction," says Kit. "And it was my romance-writing friends who encouraged me to turn my pen toward passion."

"My friends are very good at writing romance, and I love to read their work, but the romance thing didn't really work for me," Kit says. "I wrote a romance novel that did very well, won a bunch of contests and even got me an agent, but it just didn't seem right - I was divorced before I turned 25. I figure I've got no business writing the happily-ever-after thing." 
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