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I'll post upcoming book signings or events of interest here as they come up - In the meantime... Got a book group of five or more? Contact Kit at to arrange a free phone chat about the book and anything else that pops up!

I hope you enjoy reading SCOOP as much as I enjoyed writing it. Drop me a line with your comments about the questions - I'd love to see what you think! Finally, I hope you enjoyed reading Scoop in your book group.  As an aside, I started my first reading group when I was seven, though I didn't know that's what it was. The subject of our first discussion was Big Red by Jim Kjelgaard. My mother and I read it together. I loved the book so much I shared it with my little sister, cousin and neighbor, and we've all been voracious readers ever since. Our book groups take place via e-mail, text and phone now, but we're still as adamant about sharing books we love as we were when we were little girls. As a matter of fact, I read all of Scoop to my sister over the phone as I wrote it. Talk about relying on family and friends!


Obituary writer Cauley Mackinnon's been a busy girl. She's stumbled into an old friend's apparent suicide, gets run into the lake by an earless bald guy and nearly loses her heart to a man who may not be Mr. Right, but he does have all the right stuff in all the right places...

Download the Readers Guide & Discussion Questions  (pdf 1.1 megs)





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